Kevin Taylor Kevin Taylor

Full Name:   Kevin Wani Taylor
Born:   September 16th, 1950
Hometown:   Moved to Christchurch in 1966
Instruments Played:   Bass, Guitar
Career Began:   1964
Groups:   Many over the years (Currently Mister Meana)
Studio Work:   Television and Session Musician (Bass and Guitar)
Toured with:   Suzanne Prentice (1994 and 1995), John Grenell, Suzanne Prentice, Eddie Low (2006)
Supported:   Beach Boys (with Suzanne Prentice - Milbrook 1996), Julio Inglesias (with Suzanne Prentice - Christchurch 1997), Dave Dobyn, Ray Columbus, Max Merritt, Shane and Suzanne Lynch (Millenium Turnover 1999/2000)
Merit Award

Kevin Taylor ...

Kevin was born on the 16th September, 1950 in Wellington.

He moved to Christchurch in 1965 where his musical career got underway.  Equally at home on bass or guitar, Kevin has worked in television and in the recording studio and with most of the icons of Kiwi music including Max Merritt, Ray Columbus, Shane and Suzanne Donaldson.  Over the last few years he has toured new Zealand with Suzanne Prentice, the "Legends Unleashed" show and more recently "The Johnny Cash Tribute Show" with Brendan Dugan.

Known for his ability to play across a wide spectrum of musical styles, Kevin currently plays bass for Christchurch corporate band "Mistermeana" .....