Mee and The Others
  Mee and The Others   Circa:   1964
Left:   Gordon Bennett (Bass)
Next:   Robbie Carpenter (Guitar)
Next:   Paul Muggleston (Vocals)
Next:   Peter Dawkins (Drums)
Right:   Dave Chapman (Guitar)

Bio:   Mee and The Others are seen here touring with the Tom Jones Show in 1964.  Shortly after this Gordon and Robbie departed, and Gary Thain joined on bass immediately prior to the band leaving for the UK and Germany.


  Mee and The Others   Circa:   1967
Left:   Gary Thain (Bass)
Next:   Peter Dawkins (Drums)
Next:   Dave Chapman (Guitar)
Right:   Paul Muggleston (Vocals)

Mee and The Others at the PN Hit House in Munich, Germany.