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 Ackroyd,  Ken   [RIP]GuitarRocks Off, Euclid
 Banks,  Colin   [RIP]Violin, Saxophone 
 Beecroft,  Wayne   [RIP]BassCoal Rangers, Odyssey, Sneaky Feet, Louie + Hotsticks
 Bradford,  Bob   [RIP]PianoBob Bradford Big Band
 Buchanan,  Stu   [RIP]SaxophoneStu Buchanan Band
 Caldwell,  Doug   [RIP]PianoDoug Caldwell Trio
 Caulton,  Peter "PC"   [RIP]Guitar, VocalsSolo Artist
 Church,  Kerry   [RIP]Vocals/GuitarChapta, Moviez
 Cleland,  Ledley   [RIP]KeyboardsChapta
 Columbus,  Ray  OBE   [RIP]VocalsInvaders
 Cooper,  Graeme   [RIP]Keyboards, VocalsKeyTrax
 Corlett,  Tommy   [RIP]DrumsOpposition
 Cuttance,  Barbara   [RIP]  
 Davey,  Peter   [RIP]Saxophone 
 Davis,  Sandy   [RIP]CompèreCTV
 Dawkins,  Peter   [RIP]Drums, Record ProducerMe and The Others,  New Nadir
 Diver,  Dave   [RIP]DrumsFive Degrees, Librettos
 Edwards,  Mita   [RIP]  
 Flanagan,  Maurice   [RIP]Guitar 
 Flaws,  Graeme   [RIP]BassVelvets, The
 Fox,  Barbara   [RIP]Vocals 
 Fraser,  Peter   [RIP]Bass, Guitar 
 Gainsford,  Steve   [RIP]Guitar, Vocals 
 Gardner,  Murray   [RIP]Guitar 
 Garland,  Phil  QSM   [RIP]Guitar, VocalsPlayboys
 Gerrard,  Dianne   [RIP]VocalsGroup, The
 Ghanda,  Ishwa   [RIP]Vocals (Guest)Mustangs
 Gray,  Rob   [RIP]Bass, VocalsRocks Off, Bare Wires
 Hansen,  Peter   [RIP]Bass, Guitar, VocalsOpposition, Dynamics
 Henderson,  Doug   [RIP]GuitarFalcons, Castaways
 Hines,  Johnny   [RIP]Drums, VocalsJohnny + The Revellers
 Humphries,  Paul   [RIP]DrumsVillage Gate, Just Us
 Hutchinson,  Gordon (Noddy)   [RIP]DrumsNext Move, Trinidad
 Hyde,  Steve   [RIP]PianoRoyKen Trio
 Irvine,  Alan   [RIP]GuitarBelairs
 Jayet,  Leon   [RIP]DrumsPagoda Restaurant
 Jones,  Mike   [RIP]GuitarEuclid, Lord
 Jones,  RobBassCity Lights
 Kahi,  Mark   [RIP]GuitarKahi Brothers
 Kazimiercz,  Cash   [RIP]Drums, Percussion, VocalsSoul Agents
 King,  Trevor  QSM   [RIP]Tour Manager 
 Lambie,  Graham   [RIP]GuitarEchophonics, Mandala, Orange
 Latham,  Trevor   [RIP]GuitarCorsairs, Oscar, Shadrock, Moonshine
 Littler,  Bevan   [RIP]Piano, UnivoxWildcats, Downbeats
 Luke,  Dean   [RIP]  
 Mackwell,  Lindsay   [RIP]Guitar/VocalsCrazy Rhythm
 Middleton,  Laurie   [RIP]Dancer 
 Moir,  Denis   [RIP]GuitarDynamics
 Morrison,  Jim (Sandy)   [RIP]Pedal Steel GuitarDices
 Mould,  Bob   [RIP]Guitar 
 Mummery,  Fred   [RIP]Bongos, PianoSapphires
 Murphy,  Noel   [RIP]BassEsquires
 Nehoneho,  Pat (Rongo)   [RIP]GuitarSaints, Premiers, Peter Lewis + Trisonic Beat
 Ngia,  Shane   [RIP]Bass, Guitar 
 Nicholson,  Nick   [RIP]Bass, TrumpetNeketini Brass
 Nolan,  Theresa   [RIP]VocalsBush Inn
 Ogilvie,  Bob   [RIP]DrumsEuclid, Roosters, Narcs
 O'Connor,  Kevin (Occy)   [RIP]DrumsProblems, Trend, Dantes Inferno, Tradition
 Peters,  Jay   [RIP]BassFive Degrees, Tradition, Orange, All Star Zimmer Band
 Petrie,  Doug   [RIP]DrumsCastaways
 Phillips,  Jim   [RIP]SaxophoneStatesmen, Peter Paul + PursuersJohnny Campbell + Detours
 Pickering,  Art   [RIP]Piano 
 Pollard,  John   [RIP]Drums 
 Reid,  Carl   [RIP]  
 Ringrose,  Brian   [RIP]GuitarPlayboys
 Robinson,  Eric   [RIP]KeyboardsFootsteps, Lace
 Robinson,  Ian   [RIP]VocalsMe and The Others, Friar Tuck
 Roper,  John   [RIP]Guitar, BassStage Door
 Sare,  John   [RIP]DrumsSapphires
 Shields,  Jim   [RIP]DrumsKeyTrax
 Spitz,  Trevor   [RIP]Drums, PromoterFour Fours (Auckland)
 Storey,  John   [RIP]SaxophoneRevellers, Inspiration, Trinidad
 Talbot,  Peter   [RIP]VocalsPeter, Paul + Pursuers, Johnny Campbell + Detours, Just Us
 Thain,  Gary   [RIP]BassStrangers
 Toneycliffe,  Kevin   [RIP]DrumsBoys, Chapta, Shannon
 Truman,  Bruce (Puck)   [RIP]GuitarViscounts
 van Bussell,  Peter   [RIP]Bass 
 Ward,  Peter   [RIP]DrumsMax Merritt + Meteors, Prophets, Towerfree
 Warring,  Dave   [RIP]GuitarRum Jungle
 Whitehead,  Chris   [RIP]DrumsBeam, Soul Agents
 Whitehead,  Ian   [RIP]VocalsVapour + Trails
 Whitehead,  Phil   [RIP]GuitarBeam
 Williams,  Toni  MNZM   [RIP]VocalsSolo Artist
 Wood,  Murray   [RIP]KeyboardsHarvest

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