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A42nd Street 
Top of PageAbove GroundGladstone
 About Time
 Aces 4, The 
 Alan Galt TrioMojos
 All Star Zimmer BandVerandah Bar
 Alleys, TheThe Scene
 Alleys, Les Street + TheThe Scene
 Anarchy, The 
 Androidss, TheGladstone
 Ansa, Dennis Smith + 
 Anthony Easterbrook-Carter + BackpackHornby WMC
 Aotearoa Hostel Band 
 Apaches, TheChurch Dances
 Atlantics, TheUSARP Deep Freeze Base
 Avon Sandal Band, TheChristchurch

Top of PageBackpack, Anthony Easterbrook-Carter +Hornby WMC
 Ballon D'EssaiGladstone
 Band Of Hope Jug Band 
 Bare Wires 
 Beam, Laurie Dee + 
 Beam Unity 
 Beat Unlimited 
 BeechAranui, New Brighton Sound Shell
 Belairs, TheChurch Dances
 Bob D Five 
 Bon Marché 
 Boys, TheDowntown, Timaru
 Blue Beetles, TheGladstone, Star and Garter
 Blue Beetles, Ritchie Venus + TheGladstone, Star and Garter
 Blue Nazz 
 Blues Revival 
 Bobby Davis + The DazzlersSpencer Street
 Bombay Water 
 Boys, The 
 BrakersSurf City
 Breed, The 
 Brian Hurst + OscarPapanui
 Broken DollsAranui
 ButlerOld Canterbury University
 Byrds, Dave Miller + The 

CCameos, ThePleasant Point Domain
Top of PageCampbell, Johnny + The DetoursSurf City, Laredo, Mecca
 Captain (Capt.) HowdyShirley Lodge
 Canterbury Crutchings Bush and Ceilidh Band 
 Castaways, Peter Nelson + TheSafari
 Chants R&BKing Bee, Stage Door
 ChaptaBlenheim Road Motor Inn
 Chasing Paper 
 Chevrons, TheLaredo Nitespot
 Chicago City Limits 
 ChikadeesBlue Moon, Paraparaumu
 Chills, TheMollett Street
 City Lights, TheCheckers
 Clean, TheMollett Street
 Coalrangers, The 
 Cold RockSweethearts
 Constellations, ThePapanui
 Corsairs Showband, TheEsplanade, Lancaster
 Corvettes, The 
 Counts, TheLaredo
 Cowboys, TheHillsborough, Gladstone
 Crazy Rhythm 
 Creation, The 
 Crescendos, The 
 Cymbols, TheAldersgate Dance

DDanny McGirr's Harequin Skiffle Group 
Top of PageDantes InfernoSnoopy's
 Dazzlers, TheSpencer Street
 Dazzlers, Bobby Davis + TheSpencer Street
 Dave Miller + The Byrds 
 Dave Miller Set, The 
 Deaconaires, Peter Collins + hisAshburton
 Dee, Laurie + Beam 
 Degrees, The (Five Degrees)Scene
 Dennis Smith + Ansa 
 Detours, Johnny Campbell + TheSurf City, Laredo, Mecca
 Devrons, The 
 Diamonds, TheZodiac Lounge, Safari
 Dices, TheChurch Dances
 Dion + Cecile 
 Dizzy HeightsFitzgerald Arms
 Dominoes, TheChurch Circuit
 Don's ProblemsDowntown
 Doomed, TheMollett Street
 Downbeats, TheDolphin Lounge, Spencer Street
 Drifters, TheSpencer Street
 Drifters, Ray + TheSpencer Street
 Duncan + GregStar Trek
 Dynamics, TheThe Plainsman

EEasterbrook-Carter, Anthony + BackpackHornby WMC
Top of PageEchophonicsMecca, Scene
 Eels, TheDoodles
 Electric Blue 
 Electric CowboysBourbon Street
 EnemyMollett Street
 EnvoyDB Redwood
 EON Sisters, The 
 Esquires, The 
 EuclidBlenheim Road Motor Inn
 Eureka Jazz Men, ThePhoenix
 ExodusHornby Working Men's Club and MSA
 Expressions Of A Multicoloured Bubble 

FFaircloughMoby Dicks
Top of PageFalcons, TheTimaru
 Fat Man + The Teddy Bears
 Fifth Edition 
 Five Degrees (Degrees) 
 Flares, TheInvercargill
 Flint, Super Cyril +Carlton
 Footsteps, TheGladstone, Bush Inn Courts
 Fragments Of TimeAranui
 Fred Henry, TheRam Jam Club
 Freddy Lounder + The SolesHillsborough
 FreedomBush Inn Courts
 Freedom Express 
 Friar TuckRedwood, Marine, Russley, Sandridge
 FriendsLancaster Park
 Funny Feeling1480 Village

Top of PageGraphic Sounds 
 Golden Rockets, Johnny Rivas + The 
 Gordons, TheGladstone
 GretelRadio Avon Summer Concerts
 Group, TheGeorge Gerrard
 GuiltyBush Inn Courts

HHaemoglobins, TheGladstone
Top of PageHarlequin Skiffle Group 
 Harry's BluesSurf City, Mecca
 Harvest, Murray Wood +White Heron Travelodge
 High and Mighty, TheSurf City
 HorizonShoreline Nightclub/Cabaret
 Huckelberry NurkRiccarton Town Hall
 Hurst, Brian + OscarPapanui

IIllusions, The 
Top of PageImpacts, The 
 Impalas, The 
 Inbetweens, TheAranui
 Individuals, TheEON Records
 Inspiration, TheValley Inn
 Invaders, The 
 Invaders, Ray Columbus + The 

JJack DawBellows Wine Parlour Imperial
Top of PageJasonWoolston
 Javelins, Phil Money + TheCaledonian
 Jive Five, Saki + The 
 Johnny + The Revellers 
 Johnny Campbell + The DetoursSurf City, Laredo, Mecca
 Johnny Rivas + The Golden Rockets 
 Johnny Velox + The VauxhallsMollett Street
 Judy + Mac 
 Just UsImperial, Shirley Lodge

KKeymen, The 
Top of PageKing TubbsChristchurch
 Kor-Tels, TheTimaru

Top of PageLaurie Dee + Beam 
 Larry + PeterStar and Garter, Christchurch
 Les Street + The AlleysThe Scene
 Lewis, Peter + The Trisonic Beat
 LinkBlenheim Road Motor Inn
 Lordships Blues Express, The 
 LordRose-a-Lee, Golden Fleece, Velvet Glove
 Lords, The 
 Louie + The HotsticksGladstone, Marine

MMac, Judy + 
Top of PageMandalaImperial
 Mark 4 Enterprise 
 Max Merritt + The Meteors 
 Meteors, Max Merritt + The 
 Me + The OthersPride Of Place, PN Hit-house (Munich)
 Metronomes, TheChurch Dances, Clubs
 Miller, Dave + The Byrds 
 Mob, TheShirley Lodge
 Modernaires, ThePapanui
 Money, Phil + The JavelinsCaledonian
 MoonshineBlack Horse
 MovementWhite Heron Travelodge
 Murray Wood + HarvestWhite Heron Travelodge
 MustangsSt Chads

NNelson, Peter + The CastawaysSafari
Top of PageNew RomanceAranui
 Newmatics, TheGladstone
 Newtones, TheGladstone
 Newz, The 
 Next MoveClub Jamal, Plainsman, Monaco, Mecca, Ram Jam Club
 Nicotine BrothersMiller Bar
 Night MusiqueBellows Wine Parlour Imperial

Top of PageOld DenisGladstone
 Orange, TheThe Scene
 Oscar, Brian Hurst +Papanui
 Others, The 
 Our Generation 

PPage OneGladstone, Twizel
Top of PageParis
 Paul's IdeaRecording Group
 Peter Nelson + The CastawaysSafari
 Peter, Paul + The PursuersChurch Dance Circuit
 Peter + The Phantoms
 Pete Ward + The ProphetsChristchurch
 Peter Collins + his DeaconairesAshburton
 Peter Lewis + The Trisonic Beat 
 Phantoms, The
 Phantoms, Peter + The
 Phil Money + The JavelinsCaledonian
 Phil Tuuta + The TumbleweedsHillsborough
 PilotHornby Trust
 Pink GinLancaster
 Playboys, TheSpencer Street, Dolphin Lounge, Laredo
 Playthings, TheGladstone
 Pork ChopsGresham
 Premiers, TheCaledonian Ballroom
 Presidents, The 
 Prestos, The 
 Problems, TheDowntown
 Prophets, Pete Ward + TheChristchurch
 Pursuers, Peter, Paul + TheChurch Dance Circuit

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Top of PageRanch Sliders, The 
 RastusBlenheim Road
 Ray + The DriftersSpencer Street
 Ravenz, TheStar and Garter
 Raves, TheSurf City
 Raves, Ronnie + TheSurf City
 Respectfully Yours 
 Retaliation, TheScene
 Revellers, Johnny + TheSpencer Street
 RevivalSnoopy's, Monaco
 Rhythm Rockers 
 Ritchie VenusGladstone, Star and Garter
 Ritchie Venus + The Blue BeetlesGladstone
 Rivas, Johnny + The Golden Rockets 
 Rocks Off 
 Rock SquadChristies, Adam's Apple
 Ronnie + DougalStar Trek
 Ronnie + The RavesSurf City
 Roosters, The 
 RoyKen Trio, TheChurch Dances
 Rum JungleAldersgate Dance

SSabraCopper Cat
Top of PageSaints, TheHibernian Hall
 Salvation (Blues Army Salvation)Snoopy's
 Santa FeAvonhead
 Sapphires, TheCopper Cat
 Satellites, TheZodiac Lounge
 Screaming MeemeesGladstone
 Secrets, ThePlainsman, Pride Of Place
 Secrets (Mk 2), ThePlainsman
 Sergeant SeagullZetland
 ShannonAdam's Apple, Rangiora
 Shamrocks, Dion Murphy + TheCopper Cat
 Shop TalkYaldhurst
 Shady LadyHillsborough
 Silhouettes, The 
 Sky Pilots 
 Smith, Dennis + Ansa 
 SmokeAdam's Apple
 Sneaky Feet 
 Sneekers, TheSurf City
 Something Else 
 Soul AgentsCarlton
 Souled OutBlack Horse
 Southerners, The 
 Southern Justice 
 SpectrumLancaster Park, Bush Inn
 Stones, TheGladstone
 Statesmen, The 
 Strangers, TheZodiac Lounge
 Street, Les + The AlleysThe Scene
 Summer DazeStar Trek
 Swingers, TheHillsborough
 SystemZetland, Ballins Pubs

TTavern VisionAranui
Top of PageTelstars, TheSt Annes
 Teddy Bears, Fat Man + The 
 Tempests, TheZodiac Lounge
 Tony + The Twangers 
 Tomorrow's Love 
 Tom Thumb 
 Tony Williams Duo 
 Torments, TheFriendship House
 Townsmen, ThePapanui
 TraditionYaldhurst Danceland, Rendezvous, Gladstone
 Tremolaires, The 
 Trend, TheDowntown
 Trip, The 
 Trisonic Beat, Peter Lewis + The 
 Tumbleweeds, Phil Tuuta + TheHillsborough
 Tuuta, Phil + The TumbleweedsHillsborough
 Two by TwoStar Trek
 Twangers, Tony + The 

UUnderdogs, TheRam Jam Club
Top of PageUnknown Blues 
 UnisonHoof Beats

VVacant Lot 
Top of PageVapour + The TrailsMollett Street, Gladstone
 Vauxhalls, TheGladstone
 Vauxhalls, Johnny Velox + TheGladstone
 Venturers, TheSurf City
 Venus, Ritchie + The Blue BeetlesGladstone
 Verlaines, TheGladstone
 Versatiles, TheCoca Cola Hi-Fi Club, Caledonian Hall
 Vigilantes, TheLaredo, Pride Of Place
 Viscounts, TheShow Band
 Volkswagons, TheGladstone, Star and Garter

WWanderers, The 
Top of PageWarratahs, The 
 Waterfront Blues Band, TheMollett Street
 Wildcats, The 
 Wildcats, Don Clarkson + The 
 Williams, Toni Duo 
 Wood, Murray + HarvestWhite Heron Travelodge

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ZZeppelin Revival 
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