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Top of Page42nd Street 
Top of PageAotearoa Hostel Band 
Top of PageAbout Time
Top of PageAces 4, The 
Top of PageAffinity 
Top of PageAlleys, Les Street & TheThe Scene
Top of PageAlexisImperial Hotel
Top of PageAnarchy 
Top of PageAnsa, Dennis Smith & 
Top of PageApaches, The 
Top of PageAtlantics, The 
Top of PageBeam 
Top of PageBeam, Laurie Dee & 
Top of PageBeam Unity 
Top of PageBeat Unlimited 
Top of PageBelairs, The 
Top of PageBob D Five 
Top of PageBoys, TheTimaru
Top of PageBlue Nazz 
Top of PageBlues Revival 
Top of PageBobby Davis & The DazzlersSpencer Street
Top of PageBrakersSurf City
Top of PageBreed, The 
Top of PageBrian Hurst & OscarPapanui Hotel
Top of PageByrds, Dave Miller & The 
Top of PageCameos, ThePleasant Point Domain
Top of PageCampbell, Johnny & The DetoursSurf City, Laredo, Mecca
Top of PageCastaways, Peter Nelson & TheSafari
Top of PageCanterbury Crutchings Bush & Ceilidh Band 
Top of PageChantsKing Bee, Stage Door
Top of PageChants R&BBlenheim Road Motor Inn
Top of PageChaptaKing Bee, Stage Door
Top of PageChasing Paper 
Top of PageCheyennes 
Top of PageChicago City Limits 
Top of PageCoal Rangers, The 
Top of PageCorsairs Showband, TheEsplanade Hotel, Lancaster Hotel
Top of PageCorvettes, The 
Top of PageCounts, The 
Top of PageCowboys, The 
Top of PageCrazy Rhythm 
Top of PageCreation, The 
Top of PageCrescendos, The 
Top of PageDanny McGirr's Harequin Skiffle Group 
Top of PageDantes InfernoSnoopy's
Top of PageDazzlers, Bobby Davis & TheSpencer Street
Top of PageDave Miller & The Byrds 
Top of PageDeaconaires, Peter Collins & hisAshburton
Top of PageDee, Laurie & Beam 
Top of PageDegrees, TheScene
Top of PageDennis Smith & Ansa
Top of PageDetours, Johnny Campbell & TheSurf City, Laredo, Mecca
Top of PageDevrons, The 
Top of PageDiamonds, TheZodiac Lounge, Safari
Top of PageDices, The 
Top of PageDion & Cecile 
Top of PageDizzy HeightsFitzgerald Arms Tavern
Top of PageDownbeats, TheDolphin Lounge
Top of PageDrifters, TheGolden Mile Tavern
Top of PageDrifters, Ray & TheSpencer Street
Top of PageDuncan & GregStar Trek
Top of PageDynamics, ThePlainsman
Top of PageEchophonicsMecca/Scene
Top of PageElectric Blue 
Top of PageEON Sisters, The 
Top of PageEsquires, The 
Top of PageExodusHornby Working Men's Club & MSA
Top of PageExpressions Of A Multicoloured Bubble 
Top of PageFalcons, TheTimaru
Top of PageFantasy 
Top of PageFat Man & The Teddy Bears
Top of PageFive Degrees 
Top of PageFoundation 
Top of PageFred Henry, The 
Top of PageFriar Tuck 
Top of PageFunny Feeling1480 Village
Top of Page Gillette-McKay 
Top of PageGraphic Sounds 
Top of PageGolden Rockets, Johnny Rivas & The 
Top of PageGroup, TheGeorge Gerrard
Top of PageGroup, The(Ashburton)
Top of PageGuiltyBush Inn Courts
Top of PageHarlequin Skiffle Group 
Top of PageHarvest, Murray Wood &White Heron Travelodge
Top of PageHigh & Mighty, TheSurf City
Top of PageHorizonShoreline Nightclub/Cabaret
Top of PageHottentotsTimaru
Top of PageHurst, Brian & OscarPapanui Hotel
Top of PageIllusions, The 
Top of PageImpalas, The 
Top of PageIndividuals, TheEON Records
Top of PageInspiration, TheValley Inn Tavern
Top of PageJavelins, Phil Money & TheCaledonian
Top of PageJive Five, Saki & The 
Top of PageJohnny & The Revellers 
Top of PageJohnny Campbell & The DetoursSurf City, Laredo, Mecca
Top of PageJohnny Rivas & The Golden Rockets 
Top of PageJudy & Mac 
Top of PageJust Us 
Top of PageKeymen, The 
Top of PageKor-Tels, TheTimaru
Top of PageLace 
Top of PageLaurie Dee & Beam 
Top of Page Larry & Peter 
Top of PageLes Street & The AlleysThe Scene
Top of PageLewis, Peter & The Trisonic Beat
Top of PageLinkBlenheim Road Motor Inn
Top of PageLordships Blues Express, The 
Top of PageLords, The 
Top of PageMac, Judy & 
Top of PageMark 4 Enterprise 
Top of PageMax Merritt & The Meteors 
Top of PageMee & The OthersPride Of Place, PN Hit House (Munich)
Top of PageMerritt, Max & The Meteors 
Top of PageMeteors, Max Merritt & The 
Top of PageMetronomes, TheChurch Dances, Clubs
Top of PageMiller, Dave & The Byrds 
Top of PageMisty 
Top of PageMoney, Phil & The JavelinsCaledonian
Top of PageMoonshineBlack Horse Hotel
Top of PageMovementWhite Heron Travelodge
Top of PageMoviez 
Top of PageMurray Wood & HarvestWhite Heron Travelodge
Top of PageMustangsSt Chads
Top of PageNelson, Peter & The CastawaysSafari
Top of PageNext MovePlainsman, Monaco, Mecca
Top of PageNiterons 
Top of PageNicotine BrothersMiller Bar
Top of PageNoonSnoopy's
Top of PageNotation 
Top of PageOdyssey 
Top of PageOppositionPlainsman
Top of PageOscar, Brian Hurst andPapanui Hotel
Top of PageOthers, The 
Top of PageOur Generation 
Top of PageOutcastsMonaco
Top of PageOvation 
Top of PagePage One
Top of PageParis
Top of PagePaul's Idea 
Top of PagePeter Nelson & The CastawaysSafari
Top of PagePeter, Paul & The Pursuers
Top of PagePeter & The Phantoms
Top of PagePete Ward & The ProphetsChristchurch
Top of PagePeter Collins & his DeaconairesAshburton
Top of PagePeter Lewis & The Trisonic Beat 
Top of PagePhantoms, The
Top of PagePhantoms, Peter & The
Top of PagePhil Money & The JavelinsCaledonian
Top of PagePink GinLancaster Hotel
Top of PagePlayboys, TheSpencer Street, Dolphin Lounge, Laredo
Top of PagePresidents, The 
Top of PagePrestos, The 
Top of PageProphets, Pete Ward & The Christchurch
Top of PagePursuers, Peter, Paul & The
Top of Page"Q" 
Top of PageRanch Sliders, The 
Top of PageRay & The DriftersSpencer Street
Top of PageRaves, TheSurf City
Top of PageRaves, Ronnie & TheSurf City
Top of PageRemedy 
Top of PageRespectfully Yours 
Top of PageRetaliationScene
Top of PageRevellers, Johnny & TheSpencer Street
Top of PageRevivalSnoopy's
Top of PageRhythm Rockers 
Top of PageRockitsROCKONZ
Top of PageRivas, Johnny & The Golden Rockets 
Top of PageRock Squad 
Top of PageRonnie & DougalStar Trek
Top of PageRonnie & The RavesSurf City
Top of PageRoosters, The 
Top of PageRoyKen Trio, TheChurch Dances
Top of PageRum Jungle 
Top of PageSabraCopper Cat
Top of PageSaki & The Jive Five 
Top of PageSaints, TheHibernian Hall
Top of PageSalvationSnoopy's
Top of PageSapphires, TheCopper Cat
Top of PageSatellites, TheZodiac Lounge
Top of PageShadrockSandridge Hotel
Top of PageSilhouettes, The 
Top of PageShots 
Top of PageSecrets, ThePlainsman, Pride Of Place
Top of PageSecrets, The (Mk 2)Plainsman
Top of PageShadrockSandridge Hotel
Top of PageSky Pilots 
Top of PageSmith, Dennis & Ansa 
Top of PageSneekers, TheSurf City
Top of PageSneaky Feet 
Top of PageSomething Else 
Top of PageSoul Agents 
Top of PageSoutherners, The 
Top of PageSouthern Justice 
Top of PageStatesmen, The 
Top of PageStrangers, TheZodiac Lounge
Top of PageSummer DazeStar Trek
Top of PageStreet, Les & The AlleysThe Scene
Top of PageSystemBallins Pubs
Top of PageTelstars, TheSt Annes
Top of PageTicketAubrey's
Top of PageTeddy Bears, Fat Man & The 
Top of PageTempests, TheZodiac Lounge
Top of PageTony & The Twangers 
Top of PageTony Williams Duo 
Top of PageTorments, TheFriendship House
Top of PageTraditionYaldhurst Danceland, Rendezvous
Top of PageTremolaires, The 
Top of PageTrip, The 
Top of PageTrisonic Beat, Peter Lewis & The  
Top of PageTunesmen 
Top of PageTwo by TwoStar Trek
Top of PageTwangers, Tony & The 
Top of PageUnknown Blues 
Top of PageUnisonHoof Beats
Top of PageVacant Lot 
Top of PageVenturers, TheSurf City
Top of PageVigilantes, TheLaredo, Pride Of Place
Top of PageViscounts, The 
Top of PageWanderers, The 
Top of PageWildcats, The 
Top of PageWilliams, Tony Duo 
Top of PageWood, Murray & HarvestWhite Heron Travelodge
Top of Page"X" 
Top of Page"Y" 
Top of Page"Z" 

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