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Top of PageThe All Swinging ShowStars of C'MonMajestic Theatre, Christchurch
Top of PageBattle Of The BandsTalent ContestAddington Raceway, Christchurch
Top of PageBig Beat '65Stones, OrbisonTheatre Royal, Christchurch
Top of PageBig Beat Band Contest 1965VariousCanterbury Court, Christchurch
Top of Page"C"  
Top of PageDance Time SpectacularJohn Hore, Toni WilliamsCanterbury Court, Christchurch
Top of Page"E"  
Top of PageFestival Showtime '65  
Top of Page"G"  
Top of PageHave A ShotTalent ContestTVNZ
Top of Page"I" 
Top of PageJoe Brown's Search For StarsTalent Quest 
Top of Page"K"  
Top of Page"L"  
Top of Page"M"  
Top of Page"N" 
Top of Page"O" 
Top of Page"P"  
Top of Page"Q" 
Top of Page"R"  
Top of PageStartime Spectacular 1966VariousMajestic Theatre, Christchurch
Top of PageSurfside '64Beach Boys, OrbisonTheatre Royal, Christchurch
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