Big Beat Dance Band Contest '65

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  The Kor-Tels

The Chants R&B

Beat Unlimited

The Phantoms

The Viscounts

Peter, Paul and The Pursuers
Big Beat '64

John Campbell Collection

The Kor-Tels  (4th)

The Chants R&B  (1st)

Beat Unlimited  (3rd)

The Phantoms

The Viscounts

Peter, Paul and The Pursuers  (2nd)

The Big Beat Dance Band Contest  —  Canterbury Court February 1965
The preliminaries were held over two nights (Saturday, February 20th and Friday, February 26th), with the finals being held on Saturday, February 27th.  The six finalists appeared in the order shown in the programme.  The winners were Chants R&B, runners up were Peter, Paul and The Pursuers, third place went to Timaru's Beat Unlimited, and forth place was taken by Timaru's Kor-Tels, from Christchurch — The Phantoms and The Viscounts came in at 5th and 6th (listed alphabetically as there was no record kept of these places).


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