Eddie Hansen
  Eddie Hansen   Circa:   1972/1970

Groups:   Revival, Ticket, Challenge, Band of Light, Living Force
Band of Light, Beaver

EDDIE HANSEN Bio:   Eddie started in a Christchurch group called "Revival", which broke up when vocalist Craig Scott went solo in April 1970.  Eddie headed to Auckland to play with "Challenge", who were struggling to stay together after a couple of hits.  He and drummer Ricky Ball subsequently formed a group, and this became "Ticket" in May 1970.  After various successes and reinventions, "Ticket" disbanded in 1973.  Eddie persued his Hare Krishna beliefs, and formed a close friendship with Harvey Mann.  Eddie played for a short time in 1974 with Band Of Light, but by 1975 he was together with Harvey Mann in Living Force.  In 1980 Eddie ended up in Beaver with Paul Woolright and Ricky Ball (both former "Ticket" members).