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Happen Inn  —  1960s NZBC TV Music Television Programme (1969-1973)


A weekly home-grown pop TV show that planned to be quieter, more relaxed and more likely to appeal to a wide range of tastes than its predecessor C'mon! had.  Hosts included Peter Sinclair.  Front man for the programme was Stephen Evans, a 23-year-old New Zealander born in India, the son of missionary parents.  He "came in off the street" to audition as Popco's frontman, never having been connected with pop music in any professional capacity before and never having been on television.  But without pop music, he said, he wouldn't get up in the mornings.  According to coverage in the Listener at the time his other interests included old movies, conservation, waterskiing and riding bicycles.  He was a health food fanatic and now and again tried to learn yoga.  He liked the way Popco was shaping up in advance of its first screening and hoped for its success.


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