John Clinton

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Full name:  John Clinton
Born:  February 21st, 1948
Hometown:  Christchurch, New Zealand
Instruments Played:  Drums, Guitar, Vocalist
Career Began:  At a very early age !
Groups:  The Detours, The Wolverines
First Recording:  1964
Gigs:  Tamworth etc.
Tours:  Many internationally
Years in the Music Business:  45 plus
Official Wolverines Website:

Award presented 2009 Award presented 2009

John was with The Detours during their formative years, and despite his parents moving north to Wanganui, he eventually returned to re-claim the drum stool in late 1965.
Having spent most of his adult life in Australia, it is no surprise that John is now with another very successful group.

John Clinton with The Detours

From Detours
(John Clinton right)

To Wolverines
(John Clinton middle)

John Clinton with the award-winning Wolverines

  The Wolverines are "likeable rogues" and seasoned performers who have combined to produce an act that is uniquely visual, extremely musical and totally entertaining.  Their first two albums "GONNA RIDE ALL NIGHT LONG" and "FEEL THE NEED TO RIDE" were both recorded in Nashville Tennessee, and are still selling well on the ABC Music Label.  These have been followed up with another four albums and a long-awaited DVD.  A Wolverines show is truly an experience ..... ardent supporters would say, it's simple ..... it's Wolverines Music, others might say that Rock 'n' Country probably comes closest, but the music ranges widely, from Kick-ass Texas Boogie through to soft, bluesy ballads - not to mention treatments of some of the best-known retro-classics and the sometimes less-than-tactful alternatives to a few of the most revered Aussie classics.  The Wolverines don't hide dressing rooms out back stroking their egos and getting up dutch courage - NO WAY!! - when they are not actually on stage, they are meeting, greeting and getting to know their audience on an individual level ..... The Wolverines are renowned for their genuine friendliness.  Looks can be deceiving ..... originally branded "The Bad Boys of Country" (could that have been because of their 'feral corporate' style of dressing, or their inexperience on the electric shaver front, or was it their penchant for Harley-Davidson Motorbikes ??).  These guys have proven themselves to be among the Music Industry's most generous supporters of childrens' charities ..... and the kids love 'em.