Jon McRea

Full Name:   Jon McCrea     AKA:   Jonathan J, Singer, MC Singer
Born:   23rd October, 1952     Hometown:   Christchurch
Musical Background:   Christchurch pub scene     Instruments Played:   Vocalist
Career Began:   60s at age 16
Groups:   Jonathan J and The Fifth Edition, Gretal
Groups:   Gratis Kenetic, Skintight
Supported:   The Hollies, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Suzie Quatro
Career:   Still performing

Merit Award

New Zealand

Jon McCrea ...

Jon started singing in Christchurch dance halls and pubs in the 60's at the ripe old age of 16.  Due to the licensing laws of the day, one needed to be 21 years of age to enter, work or perform on licensed premises.  Many a night, Jon would leave the stage mid song, to go and hide out in the cellar or the bushes until the "boys in blue" moved on.

John McCrea - then and now ...
  A founding member of Jonathan J and The Fifth Edition in the late 60's, Jon was fortunate to work with many local band members including Bob Hines, Kevin Frewer, Kevin Bayley, Rob Carpenter, Kevin Tunnicliffe, Greg Mooney, Murray Watt, Bruno Berrins, to name but a few, and international artists including, The Hollies, Blood, Sweat and Tears, and Suzie Quatro.  After an apprenticeship in cabaret and lounge music Jon joined "Gretal" and hit the hard rock scene.  Standing room only was the order of the day at the Marine Hotel in Sumner every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, seeing the publican at the time unable to understand the crowds outside in the car park during the breaks and where the smoke and distinctive aroma were coming from.  That was the early 70's and times were definitely - a changin' ....  After 18 months touring the tip to the base of New Zealand with "Gratis Kenetic" Jon moved to Sydney, Australia in 1977.  He met up with mates from Loxene Golden disc award band "Creation" and formed a nine piece band "Skintight".  With a big brass section and funk sound, the band went on to wow crowds throughout Australia.  In 1980, Jon moved away from music, got married to Carole and reared two sons, Jay and Hayden.

After being a main player in the fabric care industry for 20 years, he sold his business and was drawn back to his passion to perform.  Seeing a void in the Sydney market for professional Masters of Ceremonies, Jon dived head first back into this field, and under the guise of MC Singer, Jon was now back in the music business.  His music styles range from Frank Sinatra/Michael Bublé to rock ’n roll and dance.  He returned to Christchurch in 2002, and has undertaken the role of MC at the ROCKONZ Concerts and Jams.