Kaye Bassett Millar
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The Diamonds Circa:  1964
Left:  Ray Messervy (Bass)
Next:  Don Clarkson (Rhythm Guitar)
Next:  Doug Petrie (Drums)
Next:  Dave Henderson (Lead Guitar)
Next:  Kaye Bassett (Vocals)
Right:  Peter Nelson (Vocals)

Resident at:  The Safari Lounge, Christchurch

The Diamonds morphed into the Castaways featuring Kaye Bassett and Peter Nelson as vocalists and appearing at The Safari Lounge.

Kaye Bassett Millar   Kaye Bassett Millar

These days Kaye Bassett is Kaye Bassett Millar, and she is now writing and recording her own songs, which have been getting plays in Europe, America, and Australia as well as NZ. She recently learned that she had made the Joyce Ramgatie International Top 20 playlist (at No. 111) — AND that "She Reminds Me Of Me" had made it into the Top 40 !!  Not bad when you consider that there are over a million artists competing !!

Kaye has always been a singer, but marriage and a family meant that she had other priorities to address.  Keep your eyes on this local songstress, and don't be scared to GOOGLE for Kaye Bassett Millar's music on-line.

Kaye Bassett Millar Kaye Bassett Millar Kaye Bassett Millar