Laurie Dee
  Laurie Dee   Circa:   1972
Real Name:   Laurie Herdman

Bio:   Laurie Dee was the vocalist with Beam Unity (later to become just Beam and subsequently Laurie Dee & Beam).  Beam was a touring band, well known on the pub circuit playin top 40 hits.  Laurie moved into a solo career and released one single in 1975, followed up with two more singles and two albums in the 80s.  He is perhaps best remembered for his 1981 rendition of Wink Martindale's "Deck Of Cards" albeit with a rugby flavour !

1972  "Bus Rider" // "We Can Work It Out"  (Beam Unity)
1973  "Teach Me How To Fly" // "The Road"  (Beam)
1974  "Freedom" // "Harmony"  (Laurie Dee & Beam)
1975  "My Love And I" // "I Wanna Do It All"  (Laurie Dee)
198x  2 singles and 2 LPs