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Me and the Others
Paul Muggleston (Rhythm Guitar), David Chapman (Lead Guitar), Gary Thain (Bass Guitar) and Peter Dawkins (Drums)


Having evolved from a combination of Christchurch groups that included drummer (and later top record producer) Peter Dawkins and legendary bass player Gary Thain, who went on to play with the cream of musicians in the UK, joining progressive rockers the Keef Hartley Band and finally Uriah Heep for their classic years from 1972 to 1974.  In 1963, Thain, a lean teenager described by schoolmates as quiet, broody and passionate about music, joined his brother's band, The Strangers, playing rock and roll hits and Beatles covers at Christchurch clubs until attaining residency at the Zodiac Lounge.  Rival unit The Secrets poached Thain in 1965, with keyboardist, rhythm guitar player and vocalist Paul Muggleston reckoning with someone of Thain's talent on board, they'd be the best in town!  Promoter Ken Cooper got them work in Wellington and Phil Warren booked the rest of the North Island, including Auckland nightclub The Beatle Inn, where they were a popular drawcard.  They scored a support gig for Gene Pitney and The Searchers, recorded several singles for Allied International and on returning to Christchurch, secured a dual residency at the Pride of Place, alongside The Others.  The Others was founded by former Strangers drummer Peter Dawkins and featured lead guitarist David Chapman.  They had backed Tommy Adderley and Lou and Simon on the Miss South Canterbury show and supported Tom Jones and Herman's Hermits in Christchurch during their 1965 national tour, with assistance from Paul Muggleston on guest vocals.

When The Secrets disbanded, Muggleston and Thain joined forces with Dawkins and Chapman, renaming themselves Me and the Others, with the role of "Me" continually shifting as part of an in-joke.  The plan was to head off to the UK and play alongside their musical heroes.  With that in mind, Muggleston and Thain departed for England on the Australis a month ahead of their drummer and lead guitarist, and were soon soaking themselves in the sounds of '66 and doing odd jobs to pay the rent while they waited for their bandmates.


At the PN Hit House,Schwabing, München

At the PN Hit House,Schwabing, München

At the PN Hit House,Schwabing, München


Gary Thain (Bass Guitar)

David Chapman (Lead)


Paul Muggleston (Rhythm)

Peter Dawkins (Drums)


David Chapman tells us .... "As we progressed the group got better and we were getting more gigs and met many artists.  We did a gig in Southampton, along with The Graham Bond Organisation.  That was a very memorable night as Graham's bassist and drummer were Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker who eventually teamed up with Eric Clapton and formed Cream.  We toured Scotland and were constantly up and down the country playing more clubs than I can even remember.  We then decided that we would look for work in Germany.  We auditioned in the famous Marquee club where we played to Ian Smithers, who ran an agency, also present were Micky Most and Spencer Davis, and whilst there we did a couple of numbers backing Jimmy Cliff who sang, My Girl and Midnight Hour.  We also played in the Whisky à Gogo Club in London.  We were auditioned there, and we won a contract with the PN HIT HOUSE in Munich, which turned out to be the top club in Germany, for one month.  The Kinks played there shortly before us.  Prior to setting off for Germany, we did a recording at the famous Regent Sound Studio in London, this is where everyone from the Stones to Hendrix recorded.  The song we did was called Love Is Not A Game.  The demo disc was done for us by the Ivy League.  The producer Barry Kingston wanted a special sound - a sound like nothing that we had ever heard before, very psychedelic with lots of compression, in fact when I hear it now, to me it is very John Lennon-ish.  The B-side was to be recorded on our return from Germany.  We then did a photo-shoot session at Hamstead Heath for The Brian Epstein Agency, before heading off to Germany, driving via Dover and Belgium, until we finally arrived in Munich."


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