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Peter "PC" Caulton's fans talk about "That Voice" —   and that voice is what has kept him in employment as a full time professional artist for over 30 years.  He has played on live shows, on TV and in concert with the cream of country music, had a CD nominated in 6 categories of country music at the 40th Grammy Awards and even met the Man in Black himself in 1973 when Johnny was at his peak with his two Prison albums selling over 6 million copies around the globe and his ground breaking Television show was bringing legendary new talent to the attention of people around the world.  Born in New Zealand, Peter grew up in small country towns in touch with nature so country music was a natural genre to concentrate on when he started to play and sing.  In his teenage years he played many types of music until returning to the great song writing of country music once again in the 1970's.  It has always been well written songs that matter to him, and Mr Cash's repertoire had so many great ones to choose from it was a pleasure to select some of his all time favourites for this show.  Peter was based in Europe for many years, and he intended to keep picking and singing as long as there were folks who still liked to hear live music that comes from the heart.


Peter has sung Johnny Cash's songs over the years and after Johnny passed away in 2003 decided, as a part of what he does as an entertainer, to put a show together to keep the songs of the King of Country music in people's minds and have a lot of fun doing it.  Somehow live performances of this show always seems to turn into a party!  Here is a show that crosses all cultural and age barriers due to the universal appeal of Johnny Cash's musical integrity, and the simple truth in many of the songs he sang.  This show has played to enthusiastic crowds at rock shows, town festivals and other municipal events, discos, country festivals, university student hangouts and corporate indulgences.  It appeals equally to bikers, children, teenagers, punks, rockabilly freaks, family groups, heavy rock audiences and, naturally, country music fans.  One memorable performance at the Duckstein festival in Kiel was typical of a "Peter Caulton's Ring of Fire Show", with a whole mixture of people, young and old, showing up and partying and singing along as one — a rare occurrence in the current machine driven music culture.  Peter's tributes do not slavishly copy Johnny's music but do indeed pay tribute to the man in black, in their own style.  Peter's Grammy nominated voice is similar to Cash's and his deep baritone, filled with emotion, like Johnny's, also rattles the subwoofers in any self-respecting public address system.  Peter has performed in over 26 countries.  The show was a hit at Denmark's Silkeborg Country Music festival in 2007.  This festival is one of the biggest country events in Europe.  In putting their festival together the Founders had seen all the Cash tributes there were to offer in Europe and agreed that "Peter Caulton's Ring of Fire" was the best Cash tribute show they had seen.  Ring of Fire cover the whole spectrum of Johnny Cash's music from the early Sun Records years of "I Walk The Line", "Get Rhythm", "Folsom Prison Blues" and on through the prison albums at San Quentin and Folsom prison with songs like "Boy Named Sue", "Cocaine Blues", "Daddy Sang Bass" into the 80's with songs like "Highwayman", "Country Boy", and then on to his Grammy award winning CD's done with "Metalica" with songs "Hurt", "Personal Jesus", "309", "The Man Comes Around", U2's "One", and many more.  Mr. Johnny Cash recorded over 1500 songs in his 43 year career, so Peter hopes that some of your favourites are among his "Peter Caulton's Ring of Fire Show" spectacular.  Because Johnny's health was bad in the later part of his career many of his last recorded songs he never performed on stage.  At this show you can hear some of them performed live in "Peter Caulton's Ring of Fire Show".  Johnny Cash was outselling The Beatles worldwide in the late 1960's.  In the 90's to 2003 with his new Grammy award winning "American recordings", MTV videos and the Academy Award winning film "Walk The Line" Johnny gained a whole new contemporary audience.  Never doubt his continued popularity with people of all age groups, and musical interests.  The music is classically simple, but it's still a very powerful medicine.