Robbie (Carps) Carpenter

Full Name:   Rob Carpenter
Hometown:   Christchurch
Musical Background:   
Instruments Played:   Keyboards, Bass, Guitar
Career Began:   
Groups:Blues Revival, Revival   
Recordings:   Revival - "Viva Bobby Joe"/"Rudi's In Love" for HMV
Career:    In 1969 Revival won the Christchurch section of the "National Battle of the Bands"

Merit Award


Rob Carpenter ...

In 1968 Dunedin's top band "Fantasy" relocated to Christchurch, and shortly after arriving, then bass blayer Craig Scott met up with the guys in the local "Blues Revival" (which of course included Robbie Carpenter) and Craig joined as vocalist.  In February 1969, at the suggestion of Ray Columbus, they shortened their name to Revival and changed their image and repertoire.  This rendered immediate success for the group and in May 1969 they won the Christchurch section of the National Battle Of The Bands which caught the attention of HMV's Peter Dawkins and they travelled to Wellington to record a single.  The result was a cover of "Viva Bobby Joe" by "The Equals", and it outsold the original hand-over-fist, making it to number 14 on the National charts.  The flipside "Rudi's In Love" was also a cover, of the "Locomotive" hit.

Rob Carpenter
Revival in 1969 showing Craig Scott (left), Rob Carpenter (centre), and Eddie Hansen (right)
Although successful, this pop style wasn't really what most of the members felt comfortable with, and so when Craig was offered a solo career in April 1970 "Revival" broke up, as Craig went on to carve a very successful solo career over the next four years.  Eddie Hansen moved on to "Ticket" and later "Living Force", Robbie continued to move forward with his career, playing in several groups from there on.

Rob Carpenter Rob Carpenter
Rob Carpenter on the job backing Pat Kearns (ROCKONZ 2007)                   Rob with his Southern Star 2010
Robbie Carpenter has continued to add to his long history of professionally playing bass and guitar. From early on playing bass with the Doug Caldwell Trio, Harry Voice, Malcolm McNeil, through to jazz fusion bands out of Christchurch, and session work for TVNZ.  Rob is one of the more visible of the "old timers" and he is to be seen performing regularly and often around Christchurch and beyond.  He also harbours a passion for racing cars.