Wayne Allen

Full name:   Wayne Douglas Allen     Nickname:   "Biggy Rat"
Born:   November 5th, 1946     Hometown:   Christchurch, New Zealand
Instruments Played:   Drums, Percussion
Career:   The Telstars 1961, The Mustangs 1962, The Diamonds 1963, The Dynamics 1964, The Secrets 1964/65, The Echophonics 1966/67, The Funnie Feeling 1967/68, The Secrets 1968/69, Simple Image 1969/71, Everton Park 1972/78, Julian Jones and The Avengers 1971/81, Guilty 1981, Murray Wood and Harvest 1982/85, That's Country TV Show 1982/84, Freelance Years 1985/98, Southern Justice 1998/2004, Behind The Scenes Years 2004/2006, The Vigilantes 2006
Residencies:   The Plainsman, Whiskey A GoGo
TV Shows:   That's Country, Paris By Night     Toured with:   Suzanne Prentice

New Zealand

Wayne Allen ...

Wayne is undoubtedly one of the era's longest surviving musicians with an impressive career behind him.  From his early days with The Dynamics (who went on to become The Secrets) up to the present day, where there is Christchurch music you will find Wayne.  A tireless and timeless operator.

It all began back in 1958.  At 12 years of age Wayne started to learn the guitar from tutor Tommy Kahi, and after about a year he found difficulty with bar chords as his fingers were short.  It was time to find another instrument as he loved music and wanted to make music some way, even if it involved beating something.  e was always hitting things around the house and being told off by his mother, so he thought why not take up the drums - an excellent way to drum up a storm around home!  1959 saw Wayne make up a kind of drumkit using a wooden tomato box from his father's shed, two cooking pots and his mum's favourite cake stand (off which he unscrewed the top plate to act as a cymbal.  It's easy to imagine this tomato box upright with two pots nailed on top, and a stick nailed to one side with the cake stand plate attached ...  Unfortunately Wayne doesn't have any photos of this first "drum kit".  After belting the hell out of it for a while, he knew his mum was sick of the sound, but didn't suspect that his folks would stump up witha REAL drum kit for his 13th birthday.  e remembers coming home from school and finding the real drums in his bedroom.  After setting them up he was into playing them like a rat (Biggy Rat?) up a drain pipe until bed time.  The drums were Edgeware brand, and the colour was white.  His mum said that she had got the drums from Elaine Moody's music shop on the Manchester/Lichfield Street corner, so if anything went wrong he knew where to go for advice.  Wayne was a self-taught drummer, and he listened to old Rock 'n' Roll records as well as playing along with Shadows LPs and thinking how he would like to be able to play like Tony Meehan or Brian Bennett.  Then he started to listen to big-band drummers like Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich and Louis Bellson and thought that someday he would like to play just like them.  In 1961 Wayne was asked to join his first band - the rest is musical history.

Wayne Allen with the legendary Peter Ward — On the job in the TV studio — ROCKONZ New Zealand Star Achievement Award