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John R Campbell Collection


Dixon McIvor - lead singer for The Vigilantes

Dixon Graham McIvor was born on November 21st, 1943 in Christchurch, and he joined The Vigilantes at an early age.  The band played weddings and 21sts in dance halls, which included a regular but short-lived gig in Timaru (replacing The Downbeats).  The Vigilantes hit the big-time when they became the second band at The Laredo Lounge (with Johnny Campbell and The Detours, and Les Stott) from 1963.  The band finished their gig at The Laredo Nitespot in 1965, but continued on making records, accompanying The Southerners on such hits as Don't It Make You Feel Good // South Wind, as well as making a few other records, most notably Come Tomorrow // The Cruel Sea and And I Love Her // Everybody Come And Clap Your Hands.


The Village Gate — Dixon McIvor, Paul Humphries,
George Drayton and Don Clarkson

Just Us — Kevin Powell, Paul Humphries, Paul Talbot,
Dixon McIvor, Paul Muggleston and John Campbell

System —
Peter Wilson, John Mitchell and Dixon McIvor


Spencer Street Revisited
Christchurch Cathedral 2007

Singing with The Visocunts

Spencer Street Revisited
Christchurch Cathedral 2007


The Vigilantes 2006 — Bob Wilcock and Trevor Wright

The Vigilantes 2006 — Dixon McIvor, Murray Wood and Larry McKay

The Vigilantes 2006 — Larry McKay and Brian Thomas


The Vigilantes' line-up consisted of Brian Thomas (Lead Guitar, Band Leader and occasional singer), Larry McKay (Rhythm Guitar and occasional singer), Dixon McIvor (Vocalist), Derek [Willy] Withers (Bass Guitar and occasional trumpet), Tony Mason (Drums) and Bob Wilcock (Tenor Saxophone).  Subsequent to The Laredo Lounge they appeared on The Des Britten Coca Cola Show  A tour to Pohara Beach Motor Camp was an epic, and the band played lots and lots of dance halls and church halls.  Spencer Street and the reek of Old Spice is a particularly strong memory.  Recording was very demanding and nerve wracking, but yet strangely satisfying.


Dixon McIvor and Trevor Wright Cashmere Club 2009

Dixon McIvor at Flaxwood Festival 2012

John Campbell and Dixon McIvor - Schuitman Barn 2010


Dixon McIvor with The Flaxwood Shadows at Flaxwood Festival 2011
Peter Kearns, John Campbell, Wayne Allen, Bob Heinz and Dixon McIvor

Dixon McIvor with The Flaxwood Shadows at Flaxwood Festival 2011
Dixon McIvor and Bob Heinz


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