The Others
  The Others   Left:   Peter Dawkins (Drums)
Next:   Gordon Bennett (Bass)
Next:   Bill Te Ngahue (Rhythm Guitar)
Right:   Dave Chapman (Lead Guitar)

From "On The Beat" - Christchurch Star circa 1964

A new group to take it's place in New Zealand's world of pop is Peter Dawkin's own combination, The Others.  The group made a hit recently when they played, together with Les Street and The Alleys, at the Temuka Citizen's Hall, about twelve miles outside Timaru, to a capacity crowd.  This distinctive rockin' blues group has come up with a sound all it's own and will almost certainly become well-known in Christchurch.  Peter Dawkins, the leader of the group, was formerly of the now-disbanded Strangers.  Originally from Timaru, he played for several groups, but was not satisfied with playing at small dances so he joined The Falcons, at that time Timaru's top group, and travelled with the band to Christchurch.  Once in this city the group found work was not as plentiful as they had imagined and eventually broke up.

  The Others   A trip to the North Island brought forth some new ideas for his first attempt as a leader of his own group.  Peter enlisted the help of several well known musicians and finally chose three Christchurch bandsmen to form The Others.

He is believed to be the first in New Zealand to use two bass drums, in a set of black pearl Rodgers.  With a resident night spot in the offing, Peter hopes to make the set pay for itself.  The bas guitarist went back to his place of birth and the rhythm and lead guitarist joined The Castaways leaving Peter out of work.  The drummer boy teamed up with The Strangers, but his second group disbanded, so with dogged determination he set out to select three talented lads pictured to team up with him.

Left:   Gordon Bennett (Bass)
Next:   Peter Dawkins (Drums)
Next:   Dave Chapman (Lead Guitar)
Above:   Bill Te Ngahue (Rhythm Guitar)